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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Self Reflective Review

  • The Proposal - i got a distinction
  • Got a distinction last year - for the entire year
  • Created a title sequence for child's drama - had to guess what to do.
Less successful outcomes
  • Coursework - slow doing it
  • Maths - having to try and learn it all
Areas for improvement
  • Maths
  • Coursework
  • Confidence with speaking in front of others
Help needed
  • need some support with work

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Interviews - Good and Bad

Good interview
She seems interested in what Katy Perry and isn't rude. She asks a lot of questions and doesn't try to make Katy embarrassed about anything. Some of the time you can see that Katy isn't expecting some of the questions but she still answers them. Most of what the presenter says seem to be written down as notes as that s what she is holding so at least you know she is prepaid.

Bad interview
This interview is bad because of the presenter, he is unable to stop laughing because of the mans voice. No one should laugh at something like that when it comes to interviewing them as the man did look embarrassed, also the woman next to him looked upset the entire time so it looks like something bad has happened. I couldn't understand what was being said because it is in a different language but the presenter did apologise at first but continued to laugh.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Interview Techniques

  • speak clearly
  • Be interested in the person
  • Good posture
  • Eye contact
  • Stay on topic
  • Be  confident

  • Look at the camera
  • be agresive
  • Make assumtions
  • Have a hidden agenda
  • Mumble
  • Fidget

Interview techniques

How important is it to have good interview techniques? why?
It it important to have good interview technique as you will have to have an interview sometime in your life weather you are the person asking the questions or answering them. You will need this for any job you apply for, you will need good interview technique to make a good impresion.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Pitch Presentation

·         The Jokes on you

·         Sedtin, Hannah and Ann-Marie

·         Original ideas

·         Aliens come to earth

Comunication technique - Review

Paramore - monster music video

Paramores new music video for their song monster seem to come out of no wear. Throughout the video they seem to have a lot of anger but they do not show it to well. The  video is different for the band as most of their music videos are colourful and bright, in this one there are few colours so that you focus more on the song. In the video they have a lot happening, a lot more than normal and some times there is to much much going on and too fast. Their music hasn't changed to much but the band has, as this is the second song about there band and how they have broken up. In conclusion i do believe that they are still getting better no matter how many of them thetre are in the band  

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

knife crime - whats being done

Inauguration of Peace Monument

knife crime

The Restriction of Offensive Weapons Act 1959 banned the carrying, manufacture, sale, purchase, hire or lending of flick-knives and ''gravity knives''. The Criminal Justice Act 1988 contained a list of prohibited martial arts-style weapons and made it an offence to carry an article with a blade or sharp point in a public place. The Offensive Weapons Act 1996 made it illegal to sell knives to children under 16. The Knives Act 1997 prohibited the marketing of combat knives.

knife crime

Up to 60,000 young people, mostly male, may be stabbed and injured each year, the equivalent of more than 160 victims a day, according to a worst-case estimate for knife violence in England and Wales.
On the other hand, the figure may be around 22,000 each year for victims aged 10 - 25-year-old.
The different between the two estimates - derived from the questioning of around 600 under-25s about whether they had been "knifed or stabbed", and then extrapolated to the wider population, with all the statistical vagaries that entails - reflects the lack of precise information about the scale of knife crime in England and Wales.
  • In 2007 - 27 Teenagers were stabbed to death in London
  • The first fatal stabbing that happened in the UK in 2008 was in the early hours of the new year!
  • 3 More fatal stabbings happened in the UK within the first week

knife crime

An ex-EastEnders actress turned anti-crime activist and the head of a sweet firm are among those in England named in the Queen's Birthday Honours list.
Brooke Kinsella, 27, who set up a trust after her brother was stabbed to death in north London, has been made an MBE.
John Winnard, of Wigan's William Santus & Co, has become an MBE for services to confectionery.
Veteran dinner lady Patricia Gilman, 65, is among hundreds of people honoured for serving their communities.
At total of 965 people were named in the honours list, of whom more than 70% were "local heroes" who have carried out unsung work for their communities.
Ms Kinsella set up the Ben Kinsella Trust in her brother's memory after the 16-year-old was killed in June 2008.
She has been appointed a government adviser and in February published a report on tackling knife crime where she said "the key word is prevention, not cure".
Meanwhile, Mr Winnard, joint managing director of the firm which has been making Uncle Joe's Mint Balls for 113 years, said: "It's great to be recognised."

Knife crime

Knife crime can involve many things, including just buying or carrying an illegal knife. In recent years, laws on selling and carrying knives have been tightened, and punishments for knife offences increased. Before you consider buying a knife, make sure it’s legal.

What is knife crime?

‘Knife crime’ is any crime that involves a knife.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Knife crime - facts and statistics

During the period July to September 2009 there were 8,485 recorded offences involving knives or other sharp instruments, a 12% decrease on the previous year.
With the exception of homicide the recorded crime statistics had not previously separately identify crimes involving knives. Provisional data shows there were 255 homicides using a sharp instrument in 2008/09, accounting for 39% of all homicides.

Knife crime - history

Knives have been used as weapons, tools and eating utensils since prehistoric times.  However, it is only in fairly recent times that knives have been designed specifically for table use.  Hosts did not provide Cutlery for their guests in the Middle Ages in

Knife Crime - doctors

The damage a Knife can do...Knives have devastating effects, hospital staff see more than their fair share day in, day out.  Below some of the staff tell us of their experiences:-

Charles Knowles, a Consultant Surgeon at the Homerton Hospital in Hackney and the Royal London Hospital in Whitechapel..."I have spent many years training as a Surgeon in East London and have seen the results of 'knife injuries' on most of the nights that I have worked over the last 10 years.  During that time I have been working over Christmas on several occassions...

knife crime - Victims

Stephen Timms MP 54
14th May, 2010
East Ham, London.

MP for East Ham Mr Timms was stabbed twice in the stomach at a constituency event on Friday...Liberal Democrat peer Nigel Jones was stabbed 10 years ago in similar circumstances when he was wounded and his aide Andrew Pennington was stabbed to death with a sword in January 2000.  Lord Jones said the recent stabbing of Mr. Timms was "shocking"...he is urging Politicians to improve security.

Read the full story:

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Childs Drama Review.

Popular children's drama character Tracy Beaker is to return for a new series as a young adult.
The new 13-part CBBC drama, due to be screened next year, will see Tracy return to her care home as a carer.
The role will be reprised by actress Dani Harmer, who has portrayed Tracy since 2002.
Dame Jacqueline Wilson, who devised the stories, said: "So many children ask me what happened to her when she got older, now we can finally find out."
The series will be exclusively filmed and based in north-east England, said the BBC.
I have highlighted all the main information telling the reader what this article is all about. and that is that Tracy Beaker is going to return.
The T.V show Tracy beaker has returned showing you what happened to the characters after they have grown up. The reason that it returned is the writer was always asked what happened to them, so she decided to show people what happened.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Censorship and libel

"Censorship is the suppression of speech or other public communication which may be considered objectionable, harmful, sensitive, or inconvenient to the general body of people as determined by a government, media outlet, or other controlling body." -
This is so that depending on what audience you have writen for you do not offened anyone who reades the script or waches after it is produced.

Writers have to make sure that if they base a character on a real person that they do not insult the person, they have to make sure that they do not falsely accuse them of something.


Any writer can use copyright for there work or idea whether it is published or not. When they have that they can do whatever they want with their work, usualy writer for T.V would sell there work to a show. Writers also have to make sure that they dont copy someone elses work, they have to check that they arent copy even someones idea. If they do brake copyright law the owner of the original work can form a civil lawsuit against the writer.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Royalty payments

Royalty payments. This is what you are paid after you work is published, every time the show that writer made the script for is shown they have to pay the writer to show it. If there agent is good they could get more that they normally would but they do have to paid to show the episode. Its the same for musicians ad if their music is used either in a T.V show or covered by another band they have to pay them every time it is played. 

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Agent Representation

An agent that represents a writer is called a literary agent. They can work for all types of writers. Agent usualy get writers work and they sort out any deals to hopfully get them more money. Dependin on how much the writer is paid depends on how much the agent is paid so they would try to get a good deal sop that they get paid more as well.
An advantege of having an agent is that some companys do not accept writers who don't have an agent. Also it makes it a little easyer to get work for more money if you have a good agent.
A disadvanteg of having an agent is that they might also have other writters that they reprasent. Also some agencys only specilise in one area of writing.     


Wild tracks - you can make your own ones by recording or could get one of the Internet.

Directional - Used for news, voice overs, presenters.
Omni Directional - Wild tracks, chat shows
Cardioid - Drama, dialogs

Keep mic as near as possiable!!!

Golden Rules in Scriptwriting

  1. Compare with other shows.
  2. Dynamic opening sequence - Very dramatic - Create a question (Create an enigma)
  3. Engaging characters
  4. T.V is a visual midium

Monday, September 26, 2011

Celtx - Saving and Exporting your script

To save just click on file and then Save Project as and then you can save it wherever you want it to be and name it what you want.

Celtx - Usefull tools

A usefull tool is if you click onto Master Characterlog you can look at all of the characters that are in the script and can add all their deatails onto it.

Celtix - getting started

This is the page that comes up as soon as celtx starts up. It gives you a choice of:
 - Film
 - Audi-visual

Friday, September 23, 2011

Copywight, Health and Saftey - Childrens Drama

"Producers should ensure, so far as is reasonably practicable, that persons working with and for them are not exposed to risks to their health and safety. An example of what may be considered reasonably practicable

Code of Practice - Childrens Drama

"The effect of strong language depends on the choice of words, the speaker and the context.  Different words cause different degrees of offence in different communities as well as in different parts of the world.

conventions - Childrens Drama

You would usually expect a child’s drama to have a simple story line, moral to the story and colourful.

Narrative and Characters - Childrens Drama

Most of the episode is based around music, even one of the side stories.
At first it is Sabrina with her two friends and they have decided to compete in battle of the bands at their school but the problem is that they don’t even know how to play there instruments, also the cheerleaders for the school had entered the competition and were very good. When Sabrina realised

Scrypt analysis

The Black Dahlia

The slug line is telling you where the characters in the scene are, whether they are inside or outside, time of day or night. It also tells you where it is I.E residential block, a courtyard, stadium or shops.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

communication skills

Communication skills
·         Discuss the dose and don’ts of presentation and communication skills
·         To describe the different types of questioning
·         To present a debate or discussion
·         To type up note on your blog and continue research on children’s drama

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Childs drama

Types of childs drama:
  • Tracey Beaker
  • shara jane adventures
  • Are you afraid of the dark

Friday, September 9, 2011


Internet saftey
Protecting ourselfs
  • cyber bullying
  • Stealing personal details