Wednesday, November 2, 2011

knife crime - whats being done

Inauguration of Peace Monument
To Celebrate 'London Week of Peace'
Winston Way Roundabout
(Location of the tragic fatal stabbing of Kashif Mahmood in September, 2005)
In Memory of Kashif Mahmood
Westley J.B. Odger
Victims of Violence
Saturday 24th September, 2011
12pm to 6pm
Special thanks to Parvin Mahmood, Ann Oakes-Odger MBE
Supt. John Sweeney of Metropolitan Police & Wilson Chowdhry


 During the construction and the laying of the foundations a
 'Time Capsule' was included with memorabilia for
Kashif Mahmood and Westley Odger. 
Photographs, Poems and cherished words of Love...

"Let us not seek what divides us but instead focus on what we
share in common"


Ilford Community Peace Monument

The Italian Glass Smalti and Porcelain Mosaic Peace Monument was finally unveiled on Saturday, 24th September, 2011 and stands at the Winston Way underpass, on the junction of Riches Road and High Road, Ilford, Essex...the site of the tragic fatal stabbing of Kashif Mahmood in 2005.  It follows more than 5 years fundraising by Kashif Mahmood's family, Westley Odger's and supported through fundraising events by Wilson Chowdhry.  Since the tragic murder of Kashif Mahmood at the Memorial site, his family have held an Annual Memorial Event which is well attended by friends and young people supporting a message of Peace and anti-violence. 

The Peace Monument, designed and constructed by Gary Drostle, aims to offer a focal point for community reconcilliation and aspirations for peace following a series of fatal knife crimes in the area.  Promoting 'peace and unity' will also represent a beacon of hope for the people of Redbridge, in the wake of increasing fatal attacks in the Borough.  By using this Monument to promote a greater awareness of the futility of such crime and the impact it has on the lives connected with these incidents we intend to show young people the human cost to challenge them to make the right choices.  Educational events will be encouraged where local Schools can take part...
..."You must be the change you wish to see in the world"
by Gandhi

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