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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Interviews - Good and Bad

Good interview
She seems interested in what Katy Perry and isn't rude. She asks a lot of questions and doesn't try to make Katy embarrassed about anything. Some of the time you can see that Katy isn't expecting some of the questions but she still answers them. Most of what the presenter says seem to be written down as notes as that s what she is holding so at least you know she is prepaid.

Bad interview
This interview is bad because of the presenter, he is unable to stop laughing because of the mans voice. No one should laugh at something like that when it comes to interviewing them as the man did look embarrassed, also the woman next to him looked upset the entire time so it looks like something bad has happened. I couldn't understand what was being said because it is in a different language but the presenter did apologise at first but continued to laugh.

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