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Friday, September 23, 2011

conventions - Childrens Drama

You would usually expect a child’s drama to have a simple story line, moral to the story and colourful.
This episode has everything you would expect to see. Most children’s dramas have kids that would be seen as outcast, maybe there not that popular, not many friend, annoying family or sometimes there in foster homes, as there are a few with that sort of storyline.
In this episode you see that there is problems that need solving, there is a twist and moral to the story. This episode is based around the sort of problems you might encounter in school at any age and it links in with the morals about cheating to win something. This story is very easy to understand and I think that it would be aimed at slightly younger children, as even though it is simple it is also educational and proves that when you cheat there are consequences.
The way that you know that Sabrina the teenage witch is a child’s drama is the way they have simple storylines that are easy to follow, it is based on growing up and feeling like an outcast, like you are different to everyone else. Also you can tell it is for children is that there is some form of education in it and there isn’t violence, racism, sex, drugs, illegal activity nothing that kids might imitate.

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