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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Brief - Music Video


A brief is when you give instructions to someone or inform them, saying what they have to do for the task that has been set. A brief can either be written down or given verbally to whomever it is that needs the information.

It also gives the deadlines that are set so that they know when the work has to be handed in.  A brief is important because it is the only way that you can inform someone of what it is that you want from them and when.

With a music video a brief could be the times that you need the band or artist for filming and what the storyline is going to be so that they know what is going on in their music video, as after all it is a video that is being produced for them.

The brief does have to follow some laws so that they don’t exploit the band or the artist that has put trust in you. In the brief you would comment on anything inappropriate, in example if a racial comment or remark is in the video or even implied and the band didn’t know anything about it and it is offensive to them then they could sue the maker.

 Also anything incriminating in the video could give the band a bad reputation that they might not have wanted. One opportunity that a brief could present is any of the idea the band have that they can bring forward so that they can have a say in what is in the video. It also helps in organising everyone so that cast and crew know what it is that they are doing and when.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Music Vidoe Refferences


The Video

Live Videos used in the actual video

Where the information was found


The video

Behind the scenes

Where the information was found

We need to have all this information as it can prove to whoever is looking at the work that we did look for the information and also if we needed to look again to change anything then having all the links to help us find all the information we used again. When we were having to find out all about the band and there history we needed to be able to access the information easy so that we could talk about them, without this information there would probably no history to the band in our presentation
It dose also back up any sort of references that we make so that we cannot be accused of making up any information. The only problem with finding the information is that it can be hard to find some information as there isn't always something on the Internet, but overall i am glad that it is so easy to find out the information that i need with very little difficulty and that i am able to show where it is i got the information.

Multi camera

Not Going Out - S3 E2
  • Looks like it could be single camera but a chance that its not. If so there are about 3 cameras
  • I think its filmed over one day at the most 2
  • There is an audience

Weakest Link
  • It is multi camera. I think that there are about 6 cameras
  • There is and audience as you can see them in the back
  • It is done in one day
Jeremy Kyle
  • Definatly multi camera
  • One day filmed
  • definatly an audience
  • around 6 cameras or more