Friday, September 9, 2011


Internet saftey
Protecting ourselfs
  • cyber bullying
  • Stealing personal details
Protecting the computer
  • Downloads (mailware-malitious software)
  • adware
  • Trojans (invadors)
  • viruses

Onlooker - cans see people being cyber bullied and the do nothing about it or the repost what has been said
CEOP - child explotation online protection (
Browser filter -
Antivirus software
  • Norton
  • AVG
  • McAfee
  • Advance system care
  • Microsoft security essentials

(randomness... XD)
i have had viruses myself on my computer and it wouldnt let me on the internet and it was telling me that the antivirus software that i still use was no good even though i know it is it ended up that i had to restart my computer compleatly and every two days i scan my computer.

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