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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

  • In 2007 - 27 Teenagers were stabbed to death in London
  • The first fatal stabbing that happened in the UK in 2008 was in the early hours of the new year!
  • 3 More fatal stabbings happened in the UK within the first week
  • In the UK knife crime happens every 24 minutes
  • From July 2007 - October 2007 there were 5,500 serious knife crimes
  • On May bank holiday 2006 (27th-29th May 06) the police recorded 50 Knife attacks
  • Most people who are at risk are Males aged between 14-24 These are just some of the facts. Knife crime affects everyone, no matter who you are. Do not think, just because you are a girl, or your over 30 that you will be excused from it.

    A survey was done with 4,715 pupils in school and 687 excluded pupils aged 11-16 and were asked "If they had carried or used a weapon... Like a gun or knife":

    • 28% of children in schools and 57% that were excluded said they have carried a knife in the last year
    • 9% of school children and 30% of excluded said they carried a flick knife (which is illegal)
    • 3% in school and 14% excluded said they used a knife against another person
    • 3% in school and 21% excluded said they had threatened another person with a weapon
    • More school children who carried a knife were victimised than those who didnt carry one
    • 62% of children who were excluded were a victim carried a kife compared with the 51% who didnt
    • 15% of children in schools felt "a bit" or "very unsafe" according to the Youth Justice Board
    "A total of 319 people – 228 adults and 91 youths under 18 – were found in possession of a sharp instrument by Met police during April – ­representing an “average” month." (The London Paper, Monday 16th June)

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