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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Editing Evaluation

We were told that we would be creating a child’s drama that would have to last 5 minutes. When we got into groups we all had a lot of ideas so we decided that we would try and combine parts of our ideas and we did. When we were filming we decided to edit at the same time so that we would be able to see if there were any problems with sound or the video, there were a few mistakes and we did lose sound on a few of the clips.
With the filming we didn’t have a lot of time with one of our actors as he had to go to lessons. When we did film we were able to get a lot done. The locations we chose were ones we thought would be easy to get to, we did end up changing some of the locations as we were not able to get to them. The locations we used in the end were just as good as the ones we were going to use.
In editing the software i used was Adobe Premier Pro, I imported all of the clips like this

All you would have to do is either double click in the project section or go onto 'File' then down to 'Import'. Then you will see this sort of screen you select the footage that you want to eddit and select open. 

I cut a lot of the scenes and then put them all together, they were not 100% in order just incase i wanted to eddit anything else.

This is the tool that you have to use to be able to cut up the clips to take out any mistakes or any time that an actor may be waiting for action, also if you sey action then you would have to cut that out as you dont want to hear someone say that in whatever it is you eddit.

 This is where all the footage is. To get it here you have to grab the clip from where you imported it and drag it onto what is called the timeline, here you can eddit the footage anyway that you want.

 When it came to Adobe After Effects I wasn’t very sure on what it was I was doing, though when I had a slight idea I didn’t really struggle. I found that using after effects made what we filmed look better as we decided that we needed something that can be only a little scary, so we used a lighten bolt.

This is how easy it is.
There is a section called 'Effects and presents' that you can search for effect and all you need to do is type in 'lightning' and you will find it then you can place it onto the clip.

Also creating the titles sequence I had to use after effects, that is when I had to find out how

to use after effects. After a while we all decided that one of the scenes needed something to explain what was going on, so I had to find out how to create a thought bubble. I did ask for some help but in the end I just had to do it on my own, luckily I managed even thought I was just guessing the entire time. I did try a lot of different ways to make it look good but in the end what I made looked ok. It would have been nice if I had some help with the after effects when I was creating the title sequence but I was still happy with what I had done.
You just click onto the text button and write what it is you want.
With the thought bubble I spent around 2 hours on it, and looked thought a lot of different effects the ones that I used I had used a few before on the title sequence. When creating the actual bubble I just found one off the internet and photo shopped the background out of it. I then imported it into after effects and started to edit it into the actual clip, to make it look like it was moving a little I used a wobble effect and then put it onto the clip at the time I wanted it to be seen. Then I added the text to it when the bubble appeared,  I then thought that it might look better if both of the characters had a thought bubble, so I had to do all of this again.
Towards the end of our editing we started thinking about what music we should have and were it would look good to have music. I decided to try and find some and place it were I though sounded best but it was changed after I had done it.
We then showed what we had done to everyone, not many people knew what was going on in the story so afterwards we had to change to story a little. I then decided that we could have a scene that showed the map and explained what it was about.

Recently i have edited my FMP and one of the things that was very important in the short film was the music and sound effects. Without any music or sound effects most films sound very dull and there is never any tension

Final idea

Alan Wake style

Story notes

  • Wakes up in tent at night paniking 5
  • ..... pulls up in car ready for camping, Wife gets gift (flashback) 30
  •  lost people (3 one lost) ask to stay in tent for the night (flashback) 25
  • Wakes up (1st person) and there all gone (were one of the strangers was sleeping there is a gun) 20
  • Looks for partner 15
  • She went out jogging and got lost (flashback) 10
  • Gift is seen on the floor with script and gun 45
  • he sees his a piece of paper attached to a tree 20
  • goes to location, sees a shadow person and shoots them 45
  • reads another manuscript, carries on looking for wife, sees two more shadow people, shoots them 1:00
  • sees another shadow person 10
  • Shadow call his name..... 3
  • Manuscript on floor says that he looks up  (blood drips onto it) 10
  • The story ends ... he knows he killed her 15
  • No sound you hear him breathing and his heartbeat, then sirens in the background 1:00
  • See all the people he killed, then his wife as he sits next to her 30

main - Shane
wife - Kelly
shadow 1 - Lauren
shadow 2 - Alice
shadow 3 - Mike


Storyboard                Me + Ash

Shot list                      Me + Ash

equipment                   Me + Ash

Recce                         Damian (+ Liam)

Budget                        Damian

Risk assesment            Liam

Personel list +
Character profile         Me + Ash

Minutes                      All

Contact sheet             Damian?

Production schedule  Me + Ash

Codes of practice    All

Copywrite               Liam

Script                      Liam + Damian

Synopsis                 Me + Ash

Monday, January 23, 2012

Thriller ideas

Dreams/nightmares - poeples worst dreams come true (ash/me/liam/damian)

supernatural killings - Crossroads deamon (liam)

Illusion - beleaves what he dreams is real (but hes asleep while walking around) (ash)

alan wake style - (can be in the dreams) (ash)

Crime - (killing and abduction) (me)

Psycho - after teens at house party (its one of them) (me)

Vampires - never see them just hear of there killings (liam) ? maybe

4 horsemen (damian) ?

kidnapping - 2 guys are obsesd with a girl and torture her (damian) ?

All dull colours
any really
Unless something needs to stand out... or dreams
Blood might need to stand out

Qualitative and Quantitative

Research Techniques  
Can be used to
You can the internet at any time of the day or night.
It has a lot of information.
Also the internet is worldwide
Sometimes you cannot access sites.
You may not have easy access to the internet.
It isn’t always accurate as people can change the information.
You can find information on your chosen subject very fast.
You can find information that is reliable.
Can be used if you need secondary research and sometimes people’s opinions.
Can help to put information into an article.

You get a lot of information.
The information is accurate.
You can use books whenever you want.
You have to search for the book and the information in it which takes time.
You may not find what it is you want.
You can find reliable information. You can find fact and about history.
To get information that is needed and will help to progress to add facts into an article.
You get first hand information.
You get the answers that you want.
You know that nothing has been changed.
Might not be able to interview anyone.
You have to find time when you are both free.
You might not get the answers.
You can find out someone’s opinion.
You can get information.
To be able to get primary research that can help to create an article
You find out about history.
You can get old film clips e.g. world war 1 or old news papers.
The information is accurate.

The information might not be so clear.
You don’t know if it is the truth or not.
It is not so easy to find things out.
Find out about how people use to live.
Find out what people use to do, if they read what was is they did?
To see what has changed over the years so that you can compare it to the recent day. See how things have changed so that you could comment about it in a magazine or documentary.
You see the location for yourself.
You can decide what area you like.
Clear understanding f where you would go.
You might not find somewhere that you like.
The area may be closed of when visiting or filming.
Might be hard to get to.
Say where it is that you will be going.
Everyone has a clear understanding of were It is you will film or take photos. To see if the area is suitable
You get the information yourself.
You can find out what people think and figure out the statistics yourself.
There is more than one opinion.
People might not understand the questions.
People might not take it seriously.
Might be hard to get people to fill it in.
To get data/statistics.
Find out peoples opinions.
Find the target audience.
Instead of an interview and you can get more people to participate.
Would be better for a magazine as it is written.
Documentary/ News
It is facts that have already been collected.
It has been properly presented.
The facts are most likely accurate.
It could be a Mocumentary.
The information could be inaccurate.
You can get references.
You could get related footage. Can find information without using the internet. You could use it as an inspiration help you if you are creating a documentary

Focus Group
You know if you are aiming it at the right age group.
You can find out what people think about it.
You can get their opinions and their reactions.
There people’s opinions.
Could be unreliable. They might not say exactly what they think.
You can find out what people think.
You have someone who you test the product on
If you didn’t want to create a questionnaire.
Better for a documentary.
You are able to see it yourself.
You can decide what you think.
You may not understand everything.
Might not like what you see.
You get a preview of anything you want to.
You understand whatever it is you see. You can see if something is suitable for a picture or documentary.

Adele's album 21 has returned to the top of the UK album chart, while Flo Rida has knocked Coldplay off the top of the singles chart.
Adele has now spent 19 weeks at number one, the most since Simon And Garfunkel notched up 33 weeks with Bridge Over Troubled Water between 1970 and 1971. Her album shifted 3.77 million copies last year.
This News bulletin I found on the BBC website, all the information from it is Qualitative research as it gives you facts and statistics about the singer Adele and how well she is doing selling her music and how it is liked by many people. With Qualitative research you can always get the facts and all information like that but you don’t know what people think about it. With something like the singer Adele she wouldn’t have all of this without people listening and liking her music. So you can’t get the Qualitative research without the public’s opinion.
My expectations for this release were raised when I saw Adele perform 'someone like you' on Jools Holland - and it literally made me cry. It was the first track that I played when I got hold of the album, and I was pleased that she had stayed with the simplicity of the live performance.
This is Quantitative research. It is someone’s thoughts and opinion on the album by Adele it is all positive as the person who wrote the review obviously likes the singer. This is good if you want to know what people think of the album by Adele but not everyone thinks the same so if you were to just look at reviews and they were a mix of good and bad reviews you wouldn’t really know what it was like without listening to the music. You might need to see some facts along side it.

I think that both types of research work better when you use both of them, so you can see opinions and fact together.

Triller Codes and Converntions, Target Audience and Codes of Practise

Target Audience
Taken is a 15 so you wouldn’t really expect a lot of swearing or sex or much blood and you don’t in this film even though it is suggested a lot along with drugs. As the film is a 15 according to the BBFC any amount of violence is aloud as long as it doesn’t focus on inflicting a lot of pain. Sex, drugs, nudity are also all aloud as long as there is not a lot about it and if you don’t see to much. Language doesn’t really matter as long as it isn’t constantly repeated and has a reason for it. 


The film starts of very calm with what looks like old family videos of a child birthday, you then are looking at Bryan you see him being a gift for someone, you then find out that he is buying the gift for his daughter. When he turns up to her birthday party you find out that he is no longer with Lenore who is Kim’s mother. When he is back at home you see him looking through a scrap book filed with pictures of his daughter, they use music to make you feel sorry for Bryan and how the only thing that matters to him is his daughter.

Friday, January 6, 2012

Sub Genre of Thriller

Action thriller
Unknown, The Adjustment Bureau, Taken, the Bourne films
When the sub genre is action thats what you will expect to see.

Conspiracy thriller
Edge of Darkness, Absolute Power, Marathon Man, In the Line of Fire, Capricorn  

Crime thriller
The Score, Rififi, Ocean's 11, Entrapment, The Killing, Reservoir Dogs.

Erotic thriller
 Basic Instinct, Chloe, Color of Night, Dressed to Kill

Legal thriller
The Client, Fracture, A Time to Kill, Primal Fear, A Few Good Men, Presumed Innocent

Political thriller
The Sentinel, Topaz, Notorious, The Man Who Knew Too Much

Psychological thriller
The Talented Mr. Ripley, The Machinist, Don't Say A Word, House of 9, Trapped, Flightplan

Rape and Revenge films
The Last House on the Left, Irréversible, Thriller - A Cruel Picture, I Spit on Your Grave

Supernatural thriller
 Lady in the Water, Fallen, Frequency, Knowing, In Dreams, Flatliners, Jacob's Ladder