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Thursday, September 15, 2011

communication skills

Communication skills
·         Discuss the dose and don’ts of presentation and communication skills
·         To describe the different types of questioning
·         To present a debate or discussion
·         To type up note on your blog and continue research on children’s drama

-          Speak clearly
-          Let people know where you’re going with the topic
-          Keep eye contact
-          Keep it interesting
-          Make sure people can hear you
-          Move about when appropriate
-          Keep it simple
-          Smile
-          Know what you’re talking about
-          Be prepared
-          Proof read
-          Get the audience involved
-          Wear appropriate clothing
-          No un appropriate animations
-          Use unnecessary colours
-          Don’t go off topic
-          Hide behind what your reading
-          Use inappropriate language
-          Don’t drink or be ill prepared
-          Keep it relevant
-          Don’t do a monotone
-          Don’t over dramatise it
-          Don’t fidget
-          Don’t have your back to the audience

Question types
Description – tell me about
Definition – what do you understand by?
Explanation - why do you find _____ interesting?
Exemplification – can you give me an example of?
Comparison – what difference do you see between x and y
Opinion - what do you think about?
Merits/pitfalls – what are the advantages/disadvantages of  

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