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Monday, January 23, 2012

Thriller ideas

Dreams/nightmares - poeples worst dreams come true (ash/me/liam/damian)

supernatural killings - Crossroads deamon (liam)

Illusion - beleaves what he dreams is real (but hes asleep while walking around) (ash)

alan wake style - (can be in the dreams) (ash)

Crime - (killing and abduction) (me)

Psycho - after teens at house party (its one of them) (me)

Vampires - never see them just hear of there killings (liam) ? maybe

4 horsemen (damian) ?

kidnapping - 2 guys are obsesd with a girl and torture her (damian) ?

All dull colours
any really
Unless something needs to stand out... or dreams
Blood might need to stand out

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