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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Editing Evaluation

We were told that we would be creating a child’s drama that would have to last 5 minutes. When we got into groups we all had a lot of ideas so we decided that we would try and combine parts of our ideas and we did. When we were filming we decided to edit at the same time so that we would be able to see if there were any problems with sound or the video, there were a few mistakes and we did lose sound on a few of the clips.
With the filming we didn’t have a lot of time with one of our actors as he had to go to lessons. When we did film we were able to get a lot done. The locations we chose were ones we thought would be easy to get to, we did end up changing some of the locations as we were not able to get to them. The locations we used in the end were just as good as the ones we were going to use.
In editing the software i used was Adobe Premier Pro, I imported all of the clips like this

All you would have to do is either double click in the project section or go onto 'File' then down to 'Import'. Then you will see this sort of screen you select the footage that you want to eddit and select open. 

I cut a lot of the scenes and then put them all together, they were not 100% in order just incase i wanted to eddit anything else.

This is the tool that you have to use to be able to cut up the clips to take out any mistakes or any time that an actor may be waiting for action, also if you sey action then you would have to cut that out as you dont want to hear someone say that in whatever it is you eddit.

 This is where all the footage is. To get it here you have to grab the clip from where you imported it and drag it onto what is called the timeline, here you can eddit the footage anyway that you want.

 When it came to Adobe After Effects I wasn’t very sure on what it was I was doing, though when I had a slight idea I didn’t really struggle. I found that using after effects made what we filmed look better as we decided that we needed something that can be only a little scary, so we used a lighten bolt.

This is how easy it is.
There is a section called 'Effects and presents' that you can search for effect and all you need to do is type in 'lightning' and you will find it then you can place it onto the clip.

Also creating the titles sequence I had to use after effects, that is when I had to find out how

to use after effects. After a while we all decided that one of the scenes needed something to explain what was going on, so I had to find out how to create a thought bubble. I did ask for some help but in the end I just had to do it on my own, luckily I managed even thought I was just guessing the entire time. I did try a lot of different ways to make it look good but in the end what I made looked ok. It would have been nice if I had some help with the after effects when I was creating the title sequence but I was still happy with what I had done.
You just click onto the text button and write what it is you want.
With the thought bubble I spent around 2 hours on it, and looked thought a lot of different effects the ones that I used I had used a few before on the title sequence. When creating the actual bubble I just found one off the internet and photo shopped the background out of it. I then imported it into after effects and started to edit it into the actual clip, to make it look like it was moving a little I used a wobble effect and then put it onto the clip at the time I wanted it to be seen. Then I added the text to it when the bubble appeared,  I then thought that it might look better if both of the characters had a thought bubble, so I had to do all of this again.
Towards the end of our editing we started thinking about what music we should have and were it would look good to have music. I decided to try and find some and place it were I though sounded best but it was changed after I had done it.
We then showed what we had done to everyone, not many people knew what was going on in the story so afterwards we had to change to story a little. I then decided that we could have a scene that showed the map and explained what it was about.

Recently i have edited my FMP and one of the things that was very important in the short film was the music and sound effects. Without any music or sound effects most films sound very dull and there is never any tension

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