Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Final idea

Alan Wake style

Story notes

  • Wakes up in tent at night paniking 5
  • ..... pulls up in car ready for camping, Wife gets gift (flashback) 30
  •  lost people (3 one lost) ask to stay in tent for the night (flashback) 25
  • Wakes up (1st person) and there all gone (were one of the strangers was sleeping there is a gun) 20
  • Looks for partner 15
  • She went out jogging and got lost (flashback) 10
  • Gift is seen on the floor with script and gun 45
  • he sees his a piece of paper attached to a tree 20
  • goes to location, sees a shadow person and shoots them 45
  • reads another manuscript, carries on looking for wife, sees two more shadow people, shoots them 1:00
  • sees another shadow person 10
  • Shadow call his name..... 3
  • Manuscript on floor says that he looks up  (blood drips onto it) 10
  • The story ends ... he knows he killed her 15
  • No sound you hear him breathing and his heartbeat, then sirens in the background 1:00
  • See all the people he killed, then his wife as he sits next to her 30

main - Shane
wife - Kelly
shadow 1 - Lauren
shadow 2 - Alice
shadow 3 - Mike


Storyboard                Me + Ash

Shot list                      Me + Ash

equipment                   Me + Ash

Recce                         Damian (+ Liam)

Budget                        Damian

Risk assesment            Liam

Personel list +
Character profile         Me + Ash

Minutes                      All

Contact sheet             Damian?

Production schedule  Me + Ash

Codes of practice    All

Copywrite               Liam

Script                      Liam + Damian

Synopsis                 Me + Ash

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