Monday, May 28, 2012

FX reaserch

American Dad
Family guy
The Clevland show
American horror story
Babylon 5
Burn notice
Falling skys
Life on mars USA
Aressted development
10 items or less
Better of Ted
Eastbound and down
Final 24
Generation Kill
King of the hill
No signal
Single dads
John from cincinati
The booth at the end
The border
The Defender
The Corner
The Listner
The path to 9/11
The Walking dead
True Blood
Under Belly
Urban Legends

Ownership and Funding
The TV chanel FX is owned by FOX a big Chanel and includes alot of big shows, FOX invest a lot of money into FX as they can aford to, The largest amount that they hav invested is around 4 millon dollers. They also get money from merchendise, the most simple one being DVDs of the shows. There is also poster clothes, key chains items from the shows, magnets, calenders and a lot more. This is one other way that they get money to help keep there shows going.
Fox are a big company that do own a few other companie and invest into them FX being one of them and probably the one they invest most into.

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