Monday, May 14, 2012


For the EPK i am going to create a trailer and a DVD cover i wanted to do these two things as i wanted a chalenge thats why i decicded on the trailer and the DVD cover is because i enjoy using photoshop.

For the trailer i decided that i would try and make it seem different from the film. I wanted to make the whole thing seem like it was a nightmare. It was a bit of a struggle at first as i wasnt sure how to make it seem like it was as had very little clips that looked like they could be from a nightmare but i managed to find enough clips that looked like they would be a nightmare. Also i want it to be like a nightmare as no one else in the group thought about making the short film look like a nightmare, so i really wanted to make it seem like it making it look different then everyone elses. Thinking of how to eddit it was differcult as well as i didnt know how to make it seem like it, luckily i watched a lot of supernatural films and T.V series so thinking about making the enimies look ghost like was simpler then having to think of how to do that on my own. I didnt really have any other ideas with the trailer as i used my first idea and didnt change it at all.

The DVD cover is going to be very simple or at least i belive it will be. first thing i have to do is just find a DVD template so i know where to place everything. To find the template i will just look on the internet for one, next thing ill do with the cover is figure out what it is i want to go on it. I managed to do that and once again i wanted to make it look different to the grouos so i thought that first if all i would actualy use the colour white as the background colour rather than using the trypical black. For inspiration for this idea i looked at the Dead Silence cover as one of them is white and blue making it stand out against other thriller covers. I then decided that i would use a simple blood splatter and place it just above the middle of the front part of the cover. Then i used a blue text as our film was set at night making bleu seem like the typical colour you would expect. For the idea of the film we looked at a game and im the only person in the group who has played through the entire game i know that birds play a part in the game that is were the idea for having crows came from. Firstly it was just going to be one or two. I am not yet sure were abouts they will be placed on the cover and also i am not sure what size to have them. I do not really want there to be to much on the cover as i want it to be a simple idea that hopefully is effective. I will probably use a little bit of the storie for a teaser for potential byers to try and get them interested in the film also i will use a few images to show the viewer what they might expect from this film, im not sure of anything else i will need to go onto the DVD minus the obviose things you would see like BBFC, format it plays in and anything else that i belive will make the cover look profeshinal.

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