Monday, November 12, 2012

Music video - start living

Meaning – whats it about
Its about beeing cheated on and not wasting your time on greaving over the perfon who has betrayed you and going out and starting to get your life back being single.

 What meaning you want to create (1)

Content – what is featured in the song
We will want to show that the singer feels betrayed by her ex as she didnt know when it was he started cheeting, also we would want to show that she is over him and no longer cares for him and is more than redy to move on

what will be featured - emotions (3)

Imagery – what could the video be
See that band playing towards the camera. A woman finding out that her partner is cheeting on her. Could walk in and see it, see texts, be suspicious or find items to that give implications of the man beeing unfaithful.

Narrative - story
We will show the singer finding out about her partner cheeting, but we will also have to show times before she found out showing how happy they seamed together and we will have to imply that he is sneaking off to sleep with another woman. We will have to show this without it beeing seen as pornoghraphic.
and we will make sure that what we film works with the lyrics while trying to portray how she is feeling

how you gonna create it mofo (2)

Duration - 3:29

Pace – upbeat and fast

Style punk/rock

Semiotics -
 Burning letters/photos, deleting texts, breaking stuff (all for anger)
Out with friends, smiling, flirting, avoiding him (Relief)

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