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Monday, February 6, 2012

research techniques

Audience Data
Audience data is looking at the demographic profiles of different households throughout the nation and seeing what is most viewed. Audience data can also be used for feedback on new shows or old shows, they can find out if certain shows are being watched if not then they can decide not to show it, also it can work with adverts as they can find out if they work by using audience data.

Audience Profiling
Audience profiling is looking at the audience maby for an advert and finding the most effective way to show it to the selected audience to be able to produce a better result. For this they would look at the
psychographics, geodemographics and demographic as all of these can affect the audience.

Consumer behaviour
looking at the consumer helps the organization to know what works and what doesn't. They try and find out how the consumer thinks and feels about something, they also try to find out how they are influenced into making decsishions based on there environment. They can try to find out if a lack of information to the consumer will make them want to know more or bye a product. It can be in groups of people or just individuals that this is tested on they also take into a fact psychographics, geodemographics and demographic.

Advertising Placement
Advertisement placement is pretty much what it says, its all about were you place an advert. The easiest way to advertise something is to put an advert on the Internet like they do on YouTube. one problem with adverts is that if they continuously move around the site they can irritate the person that is on the site. If they do this the advert will not be very effective and they also have to make sure they put an advert a fitting site.

Product reach
Product reach is all about how available a product is. If a product is more available it will do better than a product that isn't sold many places. Also some times product are sometimes only sold in certain areas and only locals will be able to buy it.

Competitor analysis
Competitor analysis is about business managers thinking about how they will deal with competitive businesses. They have to figure out who is less thretining to them and what buissnesses they need to keep an eye on. They have to find out infomation about their competitors and figure out how they would react to a big desiichion from them.

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